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The Best Holiday Ever
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The Best Holiday Ever, by Pete Johnson

Sun, sea, sand . . . not to mention BOYS! This is what Louise and her best friend Katie have in mind when they set off on their first parent-free holiday to Spain. Their only problem is Annette, a last-minute hanger-on who seems to prefer moaning and tidying to checking out the local clubs and talent...riotous humour and action-aplenty from a master of the teen-comedy genre.

Barrington Stoke | 72-page paperback
ISBN-10: 1842993283
ISBN-13: 978-1842993286

Pete Johnson writes:
"There are some holidays you never forget. And a very special one is your first ever holiday without your parents. Freedom at last! No more parents telling you what to do. No more rows. It's all going to be so brilliant.

"Yet things don't turn out quite as you expect. For instance, I never expected that two of my mates would have a row that lasted four days!

"When I interviewed some girls they had even more dramatic stories to tell me, some of which have found their way into The Best Holiday Ever!

"Of course, I also wanted to capture the fun and excitement and drama of such a special holiday. So I hope that's all here, too. But can it really be the best holiday ever?

"Well, read on and see . . ."