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Spook School: Horror from the Deep
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Spook School: Horror from the Deep

Welcome to Spook School...where the pupils have bags of spirit! Charlie is now a fully-fledged member of Spook Squad and as a reward for solving two puzzling missions, he and his friend Lewis are sent to Earth for a seaside holiday. But while they're there they come to the aid of two young ghosts living on a shipwreck who are being terrorised by a terrifying monster from the deep . . .

‘Fantastically humorous series from a widely admired children's author who really knows how to get children hooked on reading.’ Julia Eccleshare,

Winner of the Rotherham Children’s Book Award 2011 (Best Book for Key Stage 1/2)

Stripes Publishing   |  128-page paperback
ISBN-10: 1847151213
ISBN-13: 978-1847151216

Spook School: Horror from the Deep
Download the first chapter here (500k PDF)