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The Creeper
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The Creeper, by Pete Johnson

"I am bringing you face to face with the King of Terror. I dare not say his name aloud. Come a little closer and I shall whisper it to you: The Creeper."

What if you had done something terrible, something almost unforgivable, to your best friend and now you were racked with guilt? Lucy not only has to struggle with her conscience, but has to face The Creeper, a ghostly avenger who spies on wrong-doers.

A new tale of menace and imagination from the author of the award-winning The Ghost Dog.

Corgi Children's Books | 179-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440863929
ISBN-13: 978-0440863922

"Pete Johnson brings us a story that is scary and spooky, with a ghostly apparition seeking horrible revenge. Readers will love it."
The Bookseller

Winner of the Stockton Children's Book of the Year Award.

"When I was nine I never liked books much, but since the beginning of Year 6 when I read The Creeper, I enjoyed it so much it made me read all the other books you wrote. I even spent all my pocket money buying your books!"
Lee, Blackpool

Could this be Pete’s spookiest ever book?

‘Remember, you may not see me but I shall be watching. You cannot hide from the Creeper.’

This story is told by Lucy. And when the book begins she has done something terrible to her best friend. Full of guilt, Lucy then buys a horror tape for Halloween called ‘The Creeper.’ The man at the shop warns her not to listen to the tape on her own …

It is an old story about a creature forming from the ashes of a murdered man and is now bent on revenge against all wrongdoers. And when the tape ends Lucy has a horrible feeling something has escaped … Something to be truly feared …

PETE SAYS. ‘The Creeper or ‘The Ghost Dog’ – which one is my spookiest?  Well, a number of you pick ‘The Creeper.’ And I will admit the last part of the story scared me when I was writing it. It also features a twist at the end, which I think is one of my best. Just remember you are about to meet – The Creeper. You have been warned!
Readers will love it.’ THE BOOKSELLER

Parents and teachers will be glad that though their kids are having the living daylights scared out of them, the children will close the final page with more than a little food for thought.’ Jonathan Weir, Amazon

‘The Creeper’ is so awesome. Pete Johnson’s books are so absolutely fab. Every part of the book hooked me.’ Zainab, Good Reads

‘The Creeper’ is available in:
Paperback (cover top right)
Ebook (cover above)
Also in ‘Ghost Trouble’ with the other award winning horror story, ‘The Ghost Dog.’