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Help! I'm a Classroom Gambler, by Pete Johnson

Harvey finds school stupendously, spectacularly, mind-blowingly BORING. So he decides to liven things up a bit.

It begins with a bet with his best mate on how many times their maths teacher, Wobblebottom, will scratch under his arms before the bell goes (NINE times!). And the prize is an ice cream.

But as gambling fever spreads and the bets get BIGGER and BIGGER, Harvey suddenly finds his genious idea has gone completely and totally . . .


Corgi Children's Books | 208-page paperback
ISBN: 0440866278


The Guardian invited Adam Lancaster, who was named School Librarian of the Year 2012, to pick his top ten favourite books that are set in libraries or have set his library alight. Help! was one of them. Click here to find out more!

"Perfect for over-excited children and stressed out parents … horribly well-observed, well worth buying with the reissue of Richmal Crompton's matchless Just William Stories."
Amanda Craig, The Times

"Never patronising, Johnson uses humour to pack a potent message … Johnson has a keen ear for the dialogue of young teenage boys and a perceptive insight into the sometimes turbulent emotional lives of the young adolescent."                      School Librarian

"A hot read, specially recommended for reluctant boy readers."
Sainsbury’s Magazine

". . . the constituent parts of this novel make for a real romp of a read that will leave readers ravenous for more by Pete Johnson. On concluding the novel one can’t help but wonder whether Harvey and George have learnt more practical skills and greater awareness than their prescribed school-life could ever have taught them . . . a chilling conclusion to be left pondering."
Achuka Reviews, March 2006.

"Engrossing, very funny."
Primary Times

"This book taps into a universal truth to hilarious effect. Every pre-teen knows school can be a bit of a bore and Pete Johnson exploits this to the full with a brilliant look at what pupils get up to right under teacher's nose."
Lorna Marsh, Easter Daily Press

"Don’t worry, this book won't encourage children to gamble, though it will make them laugh. And as well as comedy value, it has some serious substance in considering the values of friendship and family relationships."
Books for Keeps

"This book is just brilliant! It is really funny, clever, exciting and completely draws the reader in."
Jack Wilson, aged 11

"This diary is for school kids everywhere - but no one else. So it must be kept in a safe place at all times. Do not ever (I repeat ever) allow any parents or teachers to read this book - as it will only frighten them. Thanking you in advance for your kind co-operation."