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How Embarrassing Is That?
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How Embarrassing Is That?

Ruby's parents are beyond embarrassing - and now they are planning to sing in the school assembly!  They must be stopped!  A laugh out loud comedy.

Barrington Stoke | 96-page paperback
ISBN-10: 1842994506
ISBN-13: 978-1842994504

Winner of the Braunstone Book of the Year Award 2008

How Embarrassing is That? is one of the titles picked for The Times Campaign ‘Books for Schools,’ -  which 'aims to provide thousands of free copies of some of the best children’s fiction.’ For more details click here.

A Note from the Author . . .

It was the worst moment of my whole life.

I was thirteen. And I was at a mate’s party. I was looking really cool. Even girls noticed me. It was brilliant. And then I saw something terrible. My parents had walked into the party.

Could my night get any worse? Yes, it could. For then my parents started yelling out my name. They said they’d tried ringing on the doorbell first, but no one had heard them. But that was no excuse for their terrible behaviour, was it? I thought I’d die of shame. I didn’t … But my parents went on doing terrible things. At home, when my friends came round, my parents didn’t just hand out food and drinks and go away. No, they actually started talking to my friends – sometimes for over a minute.

And if ever I met my mum and dad in town they wouldn’t just mutter, ‘Hello’ softly and rush away. No, they would walk along beside me so everyone could see. Shameless – or what?

And now after talking to some teenagers, I’ve found out that parents are behaving just as badly today. In fact, I heard some incredible stories. So that’s what this book is all about – very embarrassing parents. It’s a horror story really. But I hope it will make you laugh too.